Is this a photo of a real alien? It has already been verified as a legitimate, digital trail cam picture. Only question is: Is it an alien?

A series of mysterious events that have occurred in and around a small town in western Montana. However, there is much more to the story than people realize, as I have uncovered real UFO footage in the same area as this Alien, that was shot on an old cell phone. This footage has never been released to the public.

This also coincides with a series of strange, grotesque, inexplicable murders in the area and cattle mutilations. That have appeared to seemingly happen out of nowhere.

REDGATE will be officially heading to the Texas Frightmare Weekend in Dallas, Texas. The event takes place April 29th - May 1st.

Patrick W. Cutler is an independent filmmaker, that has embarked on his most aggressive, fanatical project yet: Redgate. How far has he gone as director of this film? He has fully indoctrinated himself into the alien culture, UFOs, the paranormal, and multiple supernatural underground societies. During this entire process he has openly practiced witchcraft, voodoo, and has participated in several pagan rituals, including casting spells of his own. He has recently deviled into demonology, including physical research into devil-worshipping cults, all in an attempt to uncover the truth of what is going on at Redgate.

Throughout this entire undertaking, has had several boycotts launched against him personally, and several boycotts launched against the Redgate film. He's had calls from officials with high-level government contracts, mysterious SUVs following him around, and his YouTube channel suspended several times. He has persevered and pushed through all of this in hopes that as many people as possible can find out the truth about Aliens, UFOs, dark entities, and other paranormal activity, and that all starts at Redgate.

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On the right side is the Alien image taken from the hunting trail cam. On the left side is the EXACT same trail cam but with a human running across it. Notice the differences missing from the alien: no shoes, no backpack, front-leg is half faded, there seems to be a strange glow around the alien image. Those are just a few differences as you can probably pick up quite a bit more.

Also, this was on private property very, very high up in the mountains in western Montana in late October, at night. The odds of a human actually being in this area at this time are close to zero. Also important, the camera is facing a North to South trail, if someone were to actually be in this area they would be captured on the camera going up the trail North or South. The alien is running up the hill to right and towards another big hill in front of it, running from East to West.

The biggest point though is that the camera takes 3 pictures consecutively in a matter of seconds, yet it took one photo of this alien, then the other two images were completely black and the camera instantly died. It would be impossible for any human or animal species to run across the trail cam and not be photographed at least twice.

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